C B Norwood Establishes Precision Farming Division

C B Norwood Distributors Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Magill as product manager for its recently established precision farming division.

The precision farming division is a logical step towards integrating the latest model tractors and implements with the benefits that precision farming systems can offer farmers and contractors.

Daniel Magill is based at C B Norwood headquarters in Palmerston North. He has taken up his new role after having worked in the company’s technical service team for the past six years. A qualified fuel injection systems engineer, Daniel was a diesel systems technician for Bosch before he moved into a service manager role.

“My previous role within the technical support team at C B Norwood came with a diverse range of responsibilities including dealer support for specific product lines as well as dealer training. It has given me the perfect insight into the needs of both customers and dealers” he says.

“I have a keen interest in electronic control systems and monitoring, and I enjoyed working with the more specialised products across all brands such as the Braud grape harvesters and sophisticated seeding and application equipment.”

Already well into the job, Daniel moved into the new precision farming product manager role in August.  He says he is only now appreciating its scope.

“Precision farming is a rapidly growing part of the industry, and having already been involved in systems from auto steering and flow control to desktop software, I am rapidly gaining an appreciation of how we can add value to our brands and in doing so provide real benefits in terms of efficiency to our customers.”

One of Daniel’s initial roles has been to develop a strong working partnership with CNH in Australia so that he, his team and the dealer network can provide optimum service to New Zealand customers. 

In partnership with Trimble, the world’s leading GPS and guidance equipment manufacturer, CNH has developed an integrated range of solutions for its extensive product line up as well a broad spectrum of equipment from other manufacturers.

In addition, Daniel will also be responsible for C B Norwood’s launch of the Berthoud range of sprayers in New Zealand which is regarded as complementary to the precision farming operation.

A long-established and renowned manufacturer of spray technology, French company Berthoud produce an extensive range of crop protection equipment, from specialised fruit and vineyard sprayers to large self-propelled broad acre machines.

“In aligning our product offering with that of our sister operation in Australia, we want to offer our dealers and customers an integrated crop management solution and the Berthoud range boosts that potential.

“Sprayers are key component within the precision farming model. The combination of accurate mapping with variable-rate application systems can cut costs, increase productivity and protect the environment. The potential in New Zealand is vast” says Daniel.

Initially Daniel will be supporting the C B Norwood dealer and customer network in identifying the potential for precision farming systems. He is excited about the new role and the prospect of developing the precision farming operation.