Customer Stories and Videos

Customer Stories

At Norwood our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Here's what some of them have to say about their Norwood experiences. 

Smith Ag Services - Hawkes Bay

Norwood customers Rowly and Ingrid Smith run Hawke’s Bay contracting firm Smith Ag Services. Rowly shares their story so far.

Hendrick Drent - Waikato

Hendrick Drent runs a 70ha dairy farm with 208 cows in Te Aroha. He talked to Farm Trader about his Pichon slurry tanker. The simple set up and easy operation makes it ideal for their business.

Kiwi Farming Enterprises - Hawke's Bay

Ian Ellis from Kiwi Enterprises runs a 1000 hectare cropping operation in Hawke's Bay. A customer of Norwood's for 20 years he relies on their tractors and machinery to assist his everyday operations. He talks about the Norwood aftersales support service as a key component of his great relationship with them.

Eames Agriculture - Manawatu

Offering a full cultivation service in Manawatu, Eames Ag Contracting has bought many pieces of machinery and equipment from Norwood's over the years. Nick Eames talks about his machinery and his satisfaction with the local Norwood dealership in Palmerston North.