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Farmers Face Delays Getting Machinery

Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses across New Zealand, and the globe, have experienced delivery delays caused by supply chain disruptions.

Farmers are not exempt, with many facing delivery delays on new machinery.

Norwood, New Zealand’s largest network selling and servicing premium agricultural machinery, has given farmers a heads up that they need to plan for delays.

Norwood’s Executive Leader of Customer Relations, Philippa Dawe, said delivery delays were inevitable, despite the business doing all it can to minimise the impact on farmers.

“This isn’t just an issue for Norwood, or for New Zealand. It isn’t just a problem facing the rural sector either. But it has been compounded by what is otherwise very positive news – a buoyant New Zealand primary sector has increased demand for machinery. This means Norwood faces the double impact of disruptions at factory - and record sales - meaning that some stock is currently in short supply.”

When asked what consideration farmers should be giving to purchasing new machinery, Dawe said, “While we have always worked with long lead times to get products from factory to Norwood, and then to our customers, the usual 6-7 months is stretching out to 12 months for some products. If a new machine is in your sights, our key message is “If you can, order ahead”.

Looking to 2022, Norwood has front loaded orders for core products, planning for the increased demand and constrained supply to continue throughout next year and are in constant contact with their suppliers.

“Many of our supplier relationships span across decades, so they are very aware of the seasonal needs of New Zealand farmers. Together, we will do what we can to keep farmers moving”.