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Considering BBQs and beach cricket are still dominating weekend plans for many of us, it’s hard to believe that most rugby clubs across the country are already well into pre-season training.

Although the Kaikoura Rugby Club are looking forward to the season ahead, their rugby field was still in a pretty rough state following ongoing issues caused by the devastating 2016 earthquakes. Some of the club members reached out to Recreational Services prior to Christmas, and they got the ball rolling to re-seed the field.

Knowing a team effort was needed, Recreation Services reached out to a number of their business partners to make the project happen. As a supplier partner of tractors and seeders to Recreational Services, Norwood were asked if they could transport a Kubota tractor and Vredo seeder from Christchurch to Kaikoura, whilst PGG Wrightson were asked to supply the seed. A request that was easy to say yes to.

Partnership Development Manager Paul Collins said that he was glad that Norwood could support Recreational Services in getting the Kaikoura Rugby Club back in action.

 “Norwood are involved in many community and sponsorship activities across the country every year, under the guiding principle that ‘caring for rural communities’ is part what we’re here to do. So when our friends at Rec Services approached us with this opportunity to help out, it was a very easy decision.

 We’ve seen the strength and perseverance that the people in Kaikoura have demonstrated over the last 14 months, and the way that community have supported each other. It’s our pleasure to lend a bit of support too, along with the other companies who got behind this project”, said Collins.