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It’s part of the Norwood Farm Machinery Centre culture

They say that there are some lessons only experience can teach. If that’s true, there can’t be many lessons left for Myles Johnstone to learn when it comes to farm machinery.

Myles has worked in the industry for 28 years and is one of the top tractor technicians in the country. As a workshop foreman at our Hastings branch, tasked with training apprentices, and the company’s grape harvester guru, Myles plays a big role in developing the knowledge base of mechanics across our business.

Norwood is a company which prides itself on delivering results for customers at every opportunity, and we know that knowledgeable and experienced service technicians can be the crucial piece in the puzzle to keeping farmers moving when they need it most. We invest heavily in ongoing, factory-backed training for our staff and are focused on building up a solid knowledge base and skill level across the business -̶ so that our customers reap the rewards when we’re looking after their equipment.

Even after almost three decades as a mechanic, Norwood still invest in Myles’ ongoing development to ensure he’s fully equipped to train our staff.

“Every year we attend courses at the Palmerston North training centre and that’s a hell of a big help because no matter how long you do this, there’s always something new to learn. And with guys from across the business all doing our training together, we get to share a lot and bounce ideas off each other.

“But the most valuable opportunity I’ve had in my time here was when the company sent me to the Braud factory in Bordeaux, France, in 2013. It was hard work – 50 hours training in one week. I was sitting in a room with three Russians, three Italians, a few Israeli blokes and a few Argentinians. Of course the trainer, well, there wasn’t any question about harvesters he couldn’t answer. It was a pretty amazing room to be in for a week. So much knowledge. I’ll never forget it.

“It also meant we developed a working relationship direct with the Braud team. Having those direct connections, straight to the factory team can really come in handy” said Myles.

Myles now travels to branches across the country, especially in Marlborough and Gisborne, to train their mechanics in Braud service and maintenance.

Whilst Myles is our grape harvester expert, he’s also one of the best tractor technicians in the business. Norwood have technicians like Myles throughout the country – experts in various industries and machinery types. With a wealth of experienced staff, a commitment to ongoing training for all our mechanics and technicians, and a culture of constant knowledge sharing across the business, our customers can have the confidence that their machinery couldn’t be in better hands.