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KUHN GA 8731+ and GA 9531+ Gyrorakes with Central Delivery

The GA 8731+ and GA 9531+ Gyrorakes complete the KUHN range of “large width” semi-mounted rakes with central delivery. Simple and practical to use, they primarily address the needs of large farms, machinery cooperatives and contractors and are capable of raking forage from 7.70 m to 9.30 m.

These models are designed for intensive use and are particularly suitable for machinery cooperatives and contractors, but also for medium and large farms wishing to exploit the high throughput of round or cubic balers.

The swath width is adjustable from 1.40 to 2.30 m and therefore can be used by both baler pick-ups and forage harvesters when these rakes are used at maximum working width.

With the GA 9531+ model equipped with 15 arms per rotor (of 4 m diameter), the driver can group two windrows of straw behind combine harvesters equipped with cutting widths up to 7.50 m.

Reliability, safety, efficiency, and simplicity, these are the assets of these machines:

  • Rotor drive by double reduction with the MASTER DRIVE GIII gearbox, which has largely proven itself in terms of robustness in all conditions on many KUHN rakes,
  • Perfect ground adaptation owing to the 3D articulation providing a large travel range,
  • The GA 9531+ model features 6 wheels per rotor (of which 1 tandem axle) for faithful ground following on all types of terrain and great stability at high speed,
  • Sturdy, double curved rotor arms create clean, even windrows for optimum harvesting machine performance,
  • Simple and comfortable adjustments of the working or windrow width and the raking height (the latter can be done hydraulically),
  • The exclusive STABILIFT device, which locks the rotors in the windrow clearance phase, maximizes ground clearance in the "headland turn" position, while maintaining a low centre of gravity and good stability, including on slopes. In addition, it locks the rotors during transport for increased safety and driving comfort,
  • Maximum manoeuvrability for easier manoeuvres and higher productivity, with a control box used to carry out the various operations (remote height adjustments, separate lifting of the rotors, etc).