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KUHN SPW INTENSE Self-propelled Mixer Wagons

KUHN's range of self-propelled mixers now includes heavy-duty models with SPW INTENSE Phase 5.

The new wagons will be available in 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 and 27 m3 capacity, and offer a PH5 engine version that comply with current European emissions standards.

“The new 250 HP VOLVO PH5 engine is powered to perform even the hardest mixing requirements and makes the SPW one of the most efficient mixing wagon options for New Zealand farmers,” says Andrew Johnson, KUHN New Zealand’s Brand Manager.

General characteristics of SPW INTENSE

SPW INTENSE models come equipped with loading, desilting, weighing, mixing, and distribution functions.

A 2,000mm wide milling head guarantees rapid filling of the mixing tub and makes loading fast and efficient.

Two vertical augers ensure a regular flow and a perfectly homogeneous feed mix. As an optional extra, the mixing augers are available in K‑NOX technology, which increases service life and wear and tear resistance by six times.

A front-facing cross conveyor belt discharges to the right or left of the machine. The operator has total visibility of the food distribution process. For livestock farmers with cramped buildings, rear unloading equipment is available (chute or tilting belt). In tight conditions, the 4-wheel steering option is also a major bonus.

The SPW INTENSE range has a forward speed of 25 km/h, rising to 40 km/h for the more road-focused options.

“The improved design features of the SPW INTENSE meets the needs of different types of users with the range catering for large and small operations,” says Andrew.

New features for improved comfort and performance

The new engine improvements provided an opportunity to introduce further technical developments and add more value to the upgrade:

  • New VISOSPACE cab as standard. The VISOSPACE cab remains the most spacious cab on the market and boasts a panoramic side view of 360°. The left side door and windshield are 100% glazed, for maximum comfort and control when manoeuvring in feed passages or cramped areas.
  • New 250 HP VOLVO engine combined with SCR technology in overhang position at the rear of the machine. This positioning guarantees excellent load transfer to the rear drive axle (65% of the machine weight), thus delivering greater traction.
  • New CCI800 full-colour touchscreen terminal. The display unit presents all useful information relating to the operation of the machine, displayed via intuitive interfaces. The display unit is paired with a single, multi-function joystick for smooth and comfortable driving.
  • New weighing device with paperless data transfer allows users to manage essential information with no physical transfer required (SD card or USB key). Using the web interface (as well as the smartphone app), the user can change the feeding schedule remotely at any time, as well as accessing all reporting data.
  • KUHN CONNECT connectivity functions (according to the countries). A performance dashboard on the MyKUHN portal allows users to keep track of the use of their machines, with the help of a handful of simple indicators. This makes it easier than ever to find new ways to boost efficiency. KUHN CONNECT also includes a digital, fully configurable maintenance dashboard displaying all maintenance information so that users receive a notification whenever a maintenance operation is required.

KUHN SPW INTENSE self-propelled mixer wagons can be custom built to customer specifications by ordering through the KUHN dealer network.

More on SPW Intense features and benefits can be seen on YouTube: KUHN - SPW INTENSE PH5.