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Norwood recently announced the opening of a new business division - Norwood Hire.  The new division offers short to medium term hire contracts on both tractors and equipment.

This service is especially useful for contractors, farmers, and anyone who is seeking a convenient way to relieve seasonal pressures, without the cost of investing heavily in additional capital. Hiring also comes with the benefit of access to the latest cutting-edge agricultural technology, from world leading brands. All hire contracts include scheduled servicing costs as part of the very competitive hourly rate. 

Norwood Hire Manager Greg Moore said he was excited for the opportunity the new division presented, both for Norwood and their customers. 

“The hire division is another opportunity for Norwood to continue providing our customers with the best machinery, without requiring the financial commitment of a traditional purchase. Hiring allows them to access the latest machinery and technology, letting them get the job done. It’s an exciting addition to the range of services Norwood offers.”

Upon conclusion of the hire contract the machinery can be purchased from Norwood, with the opportunity for up to 100% of hiring costs incurred to be deducted* from the recommended retail price. 

For more information, visit the ‘Hire Equipment’ page located under the equipment tab at the top of our website, or email hire@norwood.co.nz.

* Terms and conditions apply.