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Norwood are one of 50 New Zealand businesses to have signed a biosecurity pledge aimed at protecting New Zealand from pests and diseases.

The first of its kind pledge, launched on the 31st October 2019, is a major step forward and signals the commitment from New Zealand business and government to take a proactive approach to biosecurity.

Norwood CEO Tim Myers said the pledge was a great example of New Zealand business and government working together to achieve positive outcomes for all New Zealanders.

“Biosecurity is a crucial part of ensuring the continued growth and long-term success of our industry. We’re committed to doing everything in our power to protect our customers, and all New Zealanders, from the risks that biosecurity breaches present.

Norwood have always prioritised creating a culture of proactive biosecurity management. Signing this pledge further enforces our commitment to incorporating biosecurity into our procurement policies”.

By signing the pledge, Norwood has made a commitment to:

  • Promote a culture of proactive biosecurity management
  • Continue to incorporate biosecurity into their procurement policies
  • Seek opportunities to support their customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders to understand the importance of biosecurity