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For more than 10 years Sulky has been offering Fertitest, a service to assist with the configuration of the brand’s fertilizer spreaders. This service now offers more than 1500 listed fertilizers with the indicative settings for Sulky fertilizer spreaders.

The new My Fertitest platform enables the farmer to create and administer an on-line user account in order to personalise and record his machine settings. In this way the farmer builds up a unique database, resulting from his spreading, that he can re-use as a reference during his future fertilization runs. A notepad makes it possible to write annotations for each fertilizer and each setting and to provide traceability for the operations.

My Fertitest avoids re-entries and makes it possible to simplify the procedure of searching for settings. The machine or machines are recorded in their real configurations. The user only has to connect to My Fertitest using his account to find the settings already used with this or that fertilizer, without going through the phase of choosing the fertilizer and the machine configuration.

And from January this year Fertitest evolves and offers a new mobile application version available and usable in offline mode, it is necessary to create a new account Fertitest, either by downloading e application on the stores either from your PC (http://fertitest.sulky-burel.com) or the app store on your phone.

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