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Väderstad launches the new Carrier XT 425-625

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, introduces the new disc cultivator Carrier XT 425-625. With an easy machine setting as well as rotating disc axles, Carrier XT is built to optimize the tillage result depending on the working depth.

The Carrier XT is the newest addition to Väderstad’s family of Carrier disc cultivators, used for high-speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. It can handle all the versatile challenges of modern farming – from ultra-shallow tillage to a deeper incorporation.

The Carrier XT is available in three different working widths: 4.25 metres, 5.25 metres or 6.25 metres. The machine can either be delivered as trailed or mounted versions. All Carrier XT models can be equipped with a range of both single- and double packer options.

A main feature of Carrier XT is its hydraulically rotating disc axles. Thereby Carrier XT is able to optimize the cut-out performance at shallow depth, while increasing the depth precision at deeper working depths.

“By increasing the disc angle towards the soil, the disc will increase its penetration ability. By changing the tilting angle of the disc, the cut-out surface is shifted. Väderstad have put in much research and knowledge to finetune these angles to maximise the field performance”, says Wolfram Hastolz, Director Tillage Product Management, at Väderstad, and continues:

“As a result, Carrier XT has the ability to optimize the disc angles to its working depth. For the farmer, this is seen in a full cut-out at shallower working depth, as well as an excellent depth keeping and reduced soil flow at deeper working depths. Both of these factors contribute to a lower diesel consumption.”

Carrier XT can either be fitted with the 450mm disc, 470mm TrueCut disc or the ultra-shallow CrossCutter Disc. The disc diameters leads to an intensive tillage operation.

“Each disc is built from high-quality Swedish V-55 steel at our own Genuine Parts factory Väderstad Components. This ensures a high wear resistance and long-lasting field performance”, says Wolfram Hastolz.

The new Carrier XT 425-625 have its official premiere at the German field exhibition DLG Field Days in June. It will be available to order from October 2022.
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About Väderstad

Väderstad provides modern agriculture with innovative, highly efficient agricultural machinery and methods. By simplifying work and improving results for the farmer, the company's vision is to become the world's leading partner for outstanding emergence. The group is family owned and the head office is located in Väderstad, Sweden. Väderstad is represented in 40 countries and on all continents. In 2021, Väderstad had 1,900 employees and a turnover of 420 MEUR.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/p8Nmz60HNqs

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