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Vredo DZ5 series: Fluid Feeder

Last year Vredo announced its new DZ5 platform. This platform forms a basis for newly developed, innovative machines that offer a solution to anyone who needs to (re)seed professional grass seed or flower mixtures in the Fine Turf sector. 

Fluid Feeder

Damage to your green or your carefully maintained sports field or lawn, is a nightmare for every greenkeeper, groundsman, and gardener. First, because of the damage the insect larvae cause to the root of the grass or plant, and second because of all the collateral damage caused by birds, etc.

An environmentally friendly, effective way to control insects is to use nematodes. Although this control has been in place for many years, the market struggles with how to get these valuable pesticides to the harmful insect larvae as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

With the Fluid Feeder, Vredo has developed an innovative machine to inject liquids, such as nematodes and liquid stimulants, into the root zone through the Vredo double disc system.

To successfully control harmful insect larvae (grubs), the nematodes must be introduced as close as possible to the larvae. Also, nematodes must not come into contact with UV light; the Fluid Feeder takes care of this and thus maintains the control very effectively. According to experts, savings of up to 70% on nematodes can be achieved in this way compared to application via a field sprayer.

The machine has a 300-litre UV light protection tank and a hydraulic pump unit with a pump capacity of 100 litres per minute. With the calibration device, the matching of driving speed and desired dosage is quickly set. The infinitely variable metering pressure setting ensures a balanced dosage of the liquid in the soil. In addition to dosing with 0 to 1.5 bar, the pump also ensures that the product is pumped around constantly, thus preventing the sedimentation of heavier particles. The drip nozzles together with the Vredo cutting discs, at a row distance of 70 mm, ensure an accurate release of the liquid into the soil at the root zone.

For a healthy, pest-free turf and the most effective way to inject liquids, the Fluid Feeder is THE machine. It puts the liquid where it belongs; at the root of the (grass) plant.

Check it out on YouTube: https://youtu.be/VL70FA6F-5I