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We've been out and about making some videos to help you get a better feel for the Norwood experience.  

You will get an overview of what makes our dealerships tick, and hear from our clients and about why they keep coming back.

A worthwhile investment

You and your family are worth investing in just as much as your land and your business are.

Robyn and Kevin Barrett chat to us about how they handle the ups and downs of farming.

“It’s really easy in farming just to keep grinding away and wearing yourself down. It’s really important that you don’t work so hard trying to make a living that you forget to live.”

Strength in Diversity

We’re proud to share the second video in our Strength in Diversity series - a campaign created to celebrate diversity in Aotearoa’s farming community. Proud Taranaki Farmers Robyn Barrett and Susan Crowley talk to us about why they love being a part of the agricultural industry.

From farm paddock to rugby field

Scott, Jordie, Kane and Blake Barrett chat to us about all things farming and rugby.

Kevin Barrett shares his thoughts on the performance of the Vredo 2.9 Agri Air overseeder

The Agri Air is perfect for smaller pastures with slopes or undulating terrain. Extremely stable and manoeuvrable, it features a pneumatic hopper which channels the seed directly to the cam wheel. Changing seed types and resetting the reliable calibration is done in the blink of an eye.

Kubota excavator review with Kevin Barrett

The Barretts have been working hard on a new house build on their Taranaki dairy farm, using a Kubota KX080-3S excavator to help get the job done.

"It's been great. Small enough to manoeuvre around the tight spots, but big enough to tackle the big jobs."

Vaderstad Opus

The Vaderstad Opus is a heavy duty tine cultivator designed to cultivate and mix soil down to a depth of 400mm. Vaderstad’s unique shin design ensures soil is thrown forward, not upward resulting in continued working of the soil to maximise the results of each pass. With a range of tine points and roller options the Opus can be tailored to suit any task. Opus is available in working widths from 4-7 metres.

Vaderstad NZ Aggressive

Vaderstad’s impressive tine harrow, the NZ Aggressive, was specifically designed for the New Zealand market and delivers unmatched high-speed seedbed preparation. With tine spacing of just 7.5cm spread across 5 rows and combined with front and rear levelling boards, the NZ Aggressive is available in sizes from 5 to 14 metres. An optional rear drawbar allows for following rollers such as the Vaderstad Rexius RS820 to complete the job where additional reconsolidation is required.

2019 Ballance Farm Environment Awards winner, Pauline and Adrian Ball

This year’s Ballance Farm Environment Awards winners shared with us the story of their awards journey and how sustainability plays a role in the way they farm.

Q&A with Scott and Jordie Barrett

During our last visit to the Naki to catch up with Norwood ambassadors, the Barrett family, we took some time to get to know Scott and Jordie a wee bit better. Have a listen to our Q&A to hear about who’s influenced their rugby career, who is more likely to take over the family farm and which one of them would be more likely to succeed in the exciting world of tractor sales.

Plenty of reasons to enter the Ballance Farm Environment Awards

We caught up with Otago based sheep and beef farmers, the Templetons, to hear about how entering the awards has benefited their family and their business.

Strength in Diversity

Norwood customer, Rebecca from SRD Farming, talks to us about her journey from farm hand to 50/50 Sharemilker and shares the highs and lows she has experienced along the way.

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Craig Sargent (Norwood Masterton) shares with us his take on being a BFEA judge and why Norwood are proud to sponsor these great events.

Vaderstad Rapid Seed Drill

Farm Trader talk about the Vaderstad Rapid A 400S seed drill.