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We've been out and about making some videos to help you get a better feel for the Norwood experience.  

You will get an overview of what makes our dealerships tick, and hear from our clients and about why they keep coming back.

Vaderstad Opus

The Vaderstad Opus is a heavy duty tine cultivator designed to cultivate and mix soil down to a depth of 400mm. Vaderstad’s unique shin design ensures soil is thrown forward, not upward resulting in continued working of the soil to maximise the results of each pass. With a range of tine points and roller options the Opus can be tailored to suit any task. Opus is available in working widths from 4-7 metres.

Vaderstad NZ Aggressive

Vaderstad’s impressive tine harrow, the NZ Aggressive, was specifically designed for the New Zealand market and delivers unmatched high-speed seedbed preparation. With tine spacing of just 7.5cm spread across 5 rows and combined with front and rear levelling boards, the NZ Aggressive is available in sizes from 5 to 14 metres. An optional rear drawbar allows for following rollers such as the Vaderstad Rexius RS820 to complete the job where additional reconsolidation is required.

Vaderstad Rapid Seed Drill

Farm Trader talk about the Vaderstad Rapid A 400S seed drill.