Our Vision, Purpose and Values


"Exceptional solutions for every customer every time"


"Keep Farmers Moving"

Values and Behaviour:

Be Bold and Encouraging


Working Together


Make It Happen

  • Be positive and support others when they come up with a good ideal or action... and let them know.

  • Face the tough conversations and say what's on our minds with humility and tact.

  • We're all different. Take time to listen and truly understand others point of view or ideas.

  • Share ideas, knowledge, experience, successes and learnings with others.

  • Develop relationships outside of our own teams to better understand how we can work together within Norwood.

  • Connect with our customers and the community to help them achieve their desired outcomes.


  • When it's the right thing to do, take the initiative and make things happen.

  • Embrace change. Be proactive and seize the moment when an opportunity presents itself.

  • Take responsibility for meeting commitments and follow through on actions.