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Kubota’s extensive range of agricultural and construction equipment includes lifestyle and agricultural tractors, RTV utility vehicles, ride-on lawn mowers, commercial mowers, excavators, wheel loaders, generators, and engines.

Their product range is renowned for its high performance, durability and reliability and is specifically engineered to excel in New Zealand’s tough and diverse conditions.


B01 Series ROPS & CAB Tractor

Whether you’re mowing lawns, working on light construction, or landscaping, Kubota’s B01 tractors are the ideal tools for the job.
Kubota b01

M7-2 Deluxe Tractor

Kubota has taken the simplicity of operation of our standard grade with select specifications from our premium grade and designed the all-new M7-2 Deluxe.
kubota m7172 deluxe

M8540 Narrow ROPS & CAB Tractor

Kubota has engineered these models specifically for those who work in vineyards, orchards or anywhere else that might require a narrow and compact tractor.
kubota m8540npk

M100 / M110GX Tractor

The new generation MGX Series range delivers class leading power and reliability while reducing environmental impact.
Kubota  M100  M110GX Tractor

ZD Zero-turn Mower

ZD Series zero-turn mowers are engineered from the ground up to deliver quality, performance, comfort, and versatility.
1380x1045 kubota ZD1221

RTV520 Utility Vehicle

Nimble and mighty, the RTV520 is built for the farm or job site. It has the capability to get more done, in more areas, with ease and comfort.
1380x1045 Kubota RTV520

BX080 Series Tractor

From mowing lawns to moving soil, slashing paddocks, or digging a trench, Kubota’s BX80 Series is the all-rounder for lifestyle property maintenance.
kubota BX2680

F Series Out-front Mowers

Whatever your mowing application, there’s a Kubota F-Series mower that can do the job with power, precision, and efficiency.
0000 Kubota F3690

U17-3 Excavator

The Kubota U17-3 is the perfect excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces.
U17 3 Excavator

U27-4 Excavator

The U27-4 is designed to handle the challenging jobs that are way out of reach for bigger excavators.
U27 4 Excavator

U55-4 Excavator

Now available with optional angle blade, the Kubota U55-4 offers customers versatility never seen before in the mid-size 5 tonne excavator market.
U55 4 Excavator

SVL65-2 Track Loader

Kubota’s SVL65-2 track loader is compact in size yet boasts incredible power, giving you the all-round performance to take on any task.
SVL65 2 Track Loader