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Kubota Baroness

Baroness golf and sports turf equipment is Japan’s premium turf equipment brand, and is distributed in New Zealand by Kubota.

Baroness has designed and produced high quality turf maintenance equipment for almost 50 years. As trends and needs have changed and become more specific, the Baroness product range has also become more specialised to meet industry demands.

Kubota New Zealand has entered the golf and sports turf equipment market with a full range of high quality, high performance fine turf maintenance machines to complement Kubota’s industry renowned front deck and zero-turn mowers, walk behind mowers and brushcutters, RTV utility vehicles and tractors.

Baroness. Quality on Demand

Recognised for market-leading and superior products, Kubota New Zealand is proud to be the New Zealand distributor of Japan’s premium turf equipment brand, Baroness.

The primary goal of Baroness is to develop products that continue to meet customers’ high expectations.

In true Japanese tradition, Baroness brings new technologies to the industry that will cause smart course operators and greenkeepers to assess their equipment choices, with features that provide performance and functionality that are simple in concept, but effective in practice.

Try Kubota Baroness golf and Sports turf equipment on your turf and consider the benefits they offer you.

Baroness cylinder mowers are known worldwide for their consistent long life, low maintenance performance characteristics. Baroness standard bed-knives are made from a hard-wearing, tool steel alloy which lead the industry. However, cutting units equipped with 3mm thickness bed-knives (and thicker) have tungsten inserted into the cutting edge, delivering an average life expectancy of three years.

Combined with high quality, hard-wearing nickel-chrome-molybdenum reel blades that require minimal adjustment, maintenance and grinding, it’s not unusual to go 750 hours between regrinds, and in many cases to increase even that extended service interval out further.

Due to the superior materials used, the cutting edges of reels and bed-knives alike retain their sharpness longer (even when dusting and top-dressing), producing a sustained high quality finish with reduced turf damage and disease.

These factors result in lower maintenance costs for budget conscious operators, and a superior playing surface for your sporting clientele.

In the final analysis, these machines are mowers; the complete machine serves to cut grass, so if the fundamental cutting components are sub-standard then the whole purpose of the machine is compromised.

Baroness never forgets that fact with a full range of high quality, high performance fine turf maintenance machines of precision engineering.