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For 75 years, Sulky has been pursuing an independent family venture based upon sound values: quality, listening, respect, simplicity and trust.

Agriculture has to meet new challenges: producing more in order to feed the planet and producing better in order to safeguard resources. To meet these issues, Sulky is investing in the future and stands as a partner for farmers, offering them support and advice, while developing a comprehensive range of innovative products and services devoted to their requirements.

Sulky invests in order to meet market expectations, increase the level of reliability and durability of its products and consolidate flexibility, in view of the increasing fluctuations affecting the agricultural world. Sulky is committed to a principle of continuous improvement, with overall quality as the founding principle of its strategy. Flexible and responsive, its industrial organisation is continuously adapted to customer’s needs. Developing skills, encouraging initiatives and promoting a customer-oriented attitude constitute the foundations of the companys quality policy.

Sulky is a high-performance specialist in its core business of “drilling and fertilisation” and devotes 5% of its resources to research. Thanks to its profound knowledge of farmers’ expectations, Sulky is able to create “useful” innovation, in order to optimise equipment and operating margins. The company is engaged in regular registering of patents and is involved in partnerships with research centres and testing facilities, with the objective of anticipating new modes of production and improving its customers’ comfort.

Sulky develops products and services to support its network: a comprehensive and innovative range, expert teams, an approved training centre, excellent marketing communications tools to support sales and a customer service department that is recognised for its technical expertise. Sulky places special importance on guaranteeing high-quality service, from placing of orders up to use of machines in the field and supply of spare parts. Sulky stands as the indispensable partner for your success over the coming years.