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New range of Quicke Silocut implements increase efficiency and safety

Quicke has released the new range of Silocut implements to increase efficiency and safety when managing silage.  

“The new Silocut range is designed to simplify the feed out process and help customers work smarter, not harder,” says Greg Moore, Norwood Imported Brands Manager. “Operators can efficiently remove silage from the silage clamp with less power and safely split and cut wrapped silage bales.”

The range comes with various options and is fully supported by Norwood. 

Silocut M+

The Silocut M+ is offered in two versions based on your needs and requirements. The forged tine version features high-quality, replaceable bolt on tines. The profiled tine version has hardened cut “tuff tines” welded in the carriage providing excellent wear properties. 

The Silocut M+ guarantees a smooth and clean cut from the silage pit. The width and capacity are ideal for front end loaders, compact wheel loaders, and mid-sized telehandler use. Further accessories, such as bolt on back screens, will allow end users to customise the implement to suit their needs. 

Silocut L+

The Silocut L+ is available with forged replaceable bolt on tines or profiled cut welded “tuff tines”. The bucket version is highly versatile is it easily handles loose material. The L+ is an efficient implement for cutting pit silage and splitting bales avoiding the need for need for a second implement. It allows handling of different silage types: silage bales and loose fodder and feed without changing implements saving valuable time.

Powerful cylinders and a large opening allow the most common silage bales to be split with ease. The unique cutting system incorporated into the Silocut L+ ensures a complete cut.

Silocut XL+

The Silocut XL+ model is a high-capacity shear grab that can be used for cutting pit silage and splitting bales. It is offered in the same three versions as the smaller L+. The robust and well-tested design gives customers long service life peace of mind. 

Additional innovations on the Silocut L+ and XL+

Both the Silocut L+ and XL+ are available with a bale wrap handler and a push out mechanism.  

The optional bale wrap handler improves operator safety by grabbing the wrap and retaining it after the bale is split. There is no need for the operator to remove the wrap by hand. The bale can be unwrapped, split, and placed into two separate feed portions or directly into the feed wagon or mixer in one process giving substantial time savings.

The profile cut “tuff tine” versions can be equipped with a push-out mechanism option which unloads into diet feeders or other areas with limited space. 

A new sequencer valve combines the work of two independent hydraulic functions on the implement with only a third hydraulic service. By diverting oil to the bale wrap handler when the cut is completed, the sequencer ensures the bale is completely split and the claws kick at the right moment. This offers great savings without the need for a fourth hydraulic service. 

To learn more about Quicke’s new range of Silocut implements, please get in touch with your local Norwood dealership throughout New Zealand or visit www.quicke.nu