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Updates to Väderstad’s high-speed precision planter Tempo optimise accuracy and performance

Väderstad’s high-speed precision planter Tempo gets two key updates in 2024, with the addition of new electronics to optmise accuracy and the introduction of a liquid fertiliser system.


New electronics optimise the accuracy of the Tempo planter

The Tempo row unit will be upgraded with Väderstad's own newly developed electronic system WSX with brushless motors and improved cabling performance. While the WSX itself is a new technology on the Tempo, it is the new features it enables that will further optimise The Tempo’s planting accuracy.

“The new WSX system enables the integration of three new features to further improve the already market leading accuracy of the Tempo planter,” says Greg Moore, Imported Brands Manager for Norwood.

Automatic seed singulation

Automatic seed singulation is introduced to ensure a precise seed singulation in the seed meter, without the need for manual setting.

Each row unit has sensors which continuously monitor the seed singulation and automatically adjust the singulators for the optimum setting.

“The automatic singulation saves time and increases productivity in the field which will be appreciated by farmers and contractors who are regularly changing crops,” says Greg.

Active hydraulic row unit downforce

Active hydraulic row unit downforce is introduced to ensure precise planting depth by adding or releasing row unit ground pressure depending on the soil conditions. Pressure will decrease in lighter field areas and increase in harder soil conditions.

The full machine width can be covered by one active hydraulic row unit downforce. Individual row units can also have their own active hydraulic downforce, which will improve tramlining and preparing un-planted tracks for the sprayer.

If the Tempo is equipped with individual active hydraulic downforce for each row unit, the planter can use the system to relieve pressure and lift individual row units when making the tramlines. The active hydraulic downforce works together with the dynamic tramlining system of the planter so tramlines will be clearly visible to the sprayer operator before the crop has emerged.

Curve compensation

Curve compensation ensures a consistent metering output over the entire planter width when turning. Inner row units will temporarily decrease their metering rate, while outer row units will increase it.

“Gyro sensors identify when the machine is turning and adjust the metering output of each row unit to always ensure a consistent rate over the full planter width,” says Greg.

The new features and electronic WSX system for Tempo L 8-32, Tempo V 6-12 and Tempo F 6-8 premiered at the Agritechnica international tradeshow in November 2023. A limited series of machines will be out in the field for the Northern hemisphere 2024 spring planting season, and serial production will start in the summer of 2024. The first units will be available in New Zealand for planting in Spring 2025.


Liquid fertiliser system introduced on the Tempo L 8-24

The Tempo L 8-24 also gets an upgrade with a liquid fertiliser system equal to the performance of the Tempo L planter. This includes easy setting, full control, and row-by-row precision.

The new system has a 2,000-litre plastic hopper for liquid fertiliser that can be applied in the seed row via the row units or beside the seed row via fertiliser coulters. The system is designed for a wide range of different liquid fertiliser rates without changing nozzles to make it user friendly for the operator.

“With the new fertiliser system, the Tempo can handle standard liquid fertiliser doses from 30 to 200 litres per hectare without changing nozzles, at a row spacing of 750mm and 15km/h driving speed,” says Greg.

To control the liquid fertiliser metering, flow sensors constantly monitor the output rate. The system uses this real-time feedback of the output to automatically maintain the selected output rate.

“Operators can set the desired liquid fertiliser rate in terms of litres per hectare and monitor the flow passing through the system. The machine automatically controls the output rate on the move so there is no need for calibration,” says Greg Moore.

The liquid fertiliser system is fully integrated into Väderstad’s E-Control iPad-based control system, where the driver gains full control of the planting operation in the field.

The liquid fertiliser tank can be filled using an external pump, gravity, or the on-board pump. To ensure safe operation, the machine is equipped with a water tank, a washing system and compartments for personal protective equipment.

The new liquid fertiliser option premiered at the Agritechnica international tradeshow in November 2023. It will be available for the Tempo L 8-24 from spring 2024.