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New KUHN AERO 32.1 extends the limits in fertilisation performance and precision

The new precise and innovative KUHN AERO 32.1 mounted pneumatic fertiliser spreader, with working widths of 24, 27, 28, or 30 metres, completes KUHN’s range of pneumatic fertiliser spreaders and extends the limits of performance and precision in fertilisation.


 Precise and adjustable application rate on four sections

Fitted with a boom of 24 diffusers (20 for the 24m version) divided into four sections, the AERO 32.1 fertiliser spreader makes it possible to precisely deliver the right dose of fertiliser in the right place. Each section is fed by a hydraulically driven metering unit that can be switched on and off, and adjusted individually, making it possible to modulate up to four fertiliser application rates or to shut-off individual sections in a single pass.

The AERO 32.1 also incorporates two weighing cells that measure the quantity of fertiliser remaining in the hopper. If necessary, the operator can adjust the application rate by changing the speed of the metering units without a calibration test.


Savings on fertiliser purchases

Fine, light, or compound fertilisers, such as urea and "bulk" type mixtures are usually difficult to distribute over large widths with centrifugal spreaders, but the AERO 32.1 can spread these precisely, right up to the edges of the field. Precise fertiliser distribution is ensured, whatever its properties, resulting in significant savings.


Innovation that increases operating windows and application possibilities

Cultivation windows are getting shorter, leaving little time for operations like fertilisation. With its boom system, the AERO 32.1 makes it possible to fertilise crops whatever the weather, including in windy conditions. The ballistic quality of the fertiliser or seed no longer matters and operators do not need to refer to spreading tables. Similarly, the fine metering roller available as an option can spread a variety of material, including slug pellets, micro-granules, or even small seeds for broadcasting cover crops.


Compact and comfortable

The AERO 32.1’s booms are hydraulically controlled, folding at the rear of the hopper for transport. They are well within the machine’s dimensions and guarantee maximum compactness for travel. The machine and booms are managed via the CCI 800 or 1200 terminal or any other ISOBUS terminal already available. The use of a CCI A3 joystick is an optional extra.


The first release of the AERO 32.1 mounted pneumatic fertiliser spreader will be in the United Kingdom in 2024. Release to other export markets, including New Zealand, is not confirmed, but may be possible late in 2025.