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AXIS Fertiliser Spreader

KUHN AXIS Fertiliser Spreader

Check out AXIS mounted fertiliser spreaders with working widths of 12 to 50 m and capacities from 1,000 to 4,200 l.

Unique KUHN solutions cater for absolute spreading precision: EMC (Electronic Mass Control -weighing on each disk) adapts the application rate automatically and independently, on the left and right, during spreading. In addition, the CDA distribution system is the key to precision spreading in any conditions. KUHN's range of ISOBUS-compatible AXIS spreaders bring you cutting edge spreading solutions.

Features & Benefits

The classic weighing system equips AXIS 20.2 W, AXIS 30.2 W and AXIS 40.2 W models with working widths from 12 to 42m. Two weighing cells linked to the QUANTRON A electronic terminal enable automatic application-rate adjustment during fertiliser spreading. Every second, the terminal monitors the flow rate to check that it corresponds to the programmed rate before adjusting it. This provides extreme precision and user comfort.

  • The unique CDA system (coaxial distribution adjustment) ensures optimum lateral distribution. The modification of the fertiliser drop point enables quick adaptation to different products and working widths. The special design of the metering outlets produces multiple supply to the vanes which provides constant fertiliser flow and uniform spreading.
  • At headlands, most farmers start and stop spreading at the same moment even though different fertilisers have different ballistic properties. OPTIPOINT automatically determines the ideal point of opening and closing the metering outlets according to the type of fertiliser as well as groundspeed. This results in higher precision when using GPS control.
  • Hydraulic disc drive (H-EMC) is independent from motor speed. It maintains disc rotation speed and associated working width constant. The discs are driven by the tractor's hydraulics, with only a low flow rate necessary (from 45 L/min at 180 bar), independently from motor and PTO speed. The spread area remains constant and can be adapted to plot points smoothly.


  Axis 20.2 Axis 30.2 Axis 40.2 Axis 50.2
Working width (m) 12 - 36 12 - 42 12 - 42 12 - 50
Hopper capacity (l) 1000 to 2300 1400 to 3200 1400 to 3200 3200 to 4200
Application rate control Manual / electronic / classic weighing or EMC Manual / electronic or classic weighing Classic weighing or EMC EMC
Working width adjustment Varispread 2 or Varispread 8 Varispread 2 or Varispread 8 Varispread 2 or Varispread Pro Varispread Pro

See full specs on the KUHN website. Please note: some models may not be available in New Zealand.open_in_new

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