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DZ4 Sport

Vredo DZ4 Sport

The Sport DZ4 is an acre worker of the highest order. With a working width of 2.2 or 2.5 metres, it has a row spacing of 35 mm and is suitable for a maximum working speed of approximately 16 km/h.  

The Vredo Sport quickly supplies the field with new grass seed, enriching and preserving the old turf in the process. The grass seed is sown at the correct depth and in the correct quantity, with depth control adjustable from 0 to 20 mm. 

Features & Benefits

Unique to this machine is the optional Dual Depth / Dosage System (DDS), which allows for two different seed types to be sown in two doses, at two different depths, in a single pass. Core values for the Sport series are efficient and refined sowing with high capacity and yield. 

  • Thanks to its compact construction, the machine is easy to transport on a trailer and fits through the entrance gates of sports fields and golf courses.  
  • The Vredo Sport is available in two versions: as a trailed machine and as a three-point hitch.
  • The trailed version features very low ground pressure thanks to its wide tyres and can be operated with a relatively light-duty tractor.
  • The wheel set provides Vredo Overseeders with a unique hydraulic system that perfectly follows the soil contours, even in very uneven conditions.  
  • The wheel set includes braking for safe road transport.  
  • The three-point version is short and therefore very manoeuvrable and ideal for overseeding all corners. 


  DZ222.0035 (T) DZ225.0035 (T)
Working width (m) 2.17 2.50
Seed hopper capacity (L) 440 500
Weight (kg) 2,000 (2,500 incl. frame/carrier) / 2,580 (3,000 incl. frame/carrier) 2,200 (2,700 incl. frame/carrier) / 2,780 (3,200 incl. frame/carrier)
Tractor power (hp) 90 / 85 110 / 90

See full specs on the Vredo website. Please note: some models may not be available in New Zealand.open_in_new

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