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LA RP75 LandpowerII Field ZA 006

Landini Landpower Plat T3 Tractor

The Landini Landpower Plat T3 tractor is a versatile and powerful machine designed for a variety of agricultural tasks. With its robust build and advanced features, it offers exceptional performance and reliability. The tractor is equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, providing ample power for demanding jobs while minimizing fuel consumption. Its ergonomic design includes a comfortable driver's area with adjustable features for enhanced comfort during long hours of operation.  

The Landpower Plat T3 is the perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and comfort for modern farming needs. 

Features & Benefits

Boasting a solid reputation, the Landpower features state-of-the-art technologies designed to render it increasingly more productive and comfortable.

  • The hydraulic circuit provides a maximum flow rate of 125 L/min, and the hitch with two additional cylinders can lift up to 8400 kg.
  • The spacious and comfortable driver's area includes a fully adjustable sprung seat mounted on a suspended platform with silent blocks. The height-adjustable steering wheel and the ergonomic layout of all controls enhance the operator's comfort.
  • The Speed six basic gearbox with 6 synchronized speed gears and 3 ranges (High-Medium-Low), offer a total of 36 forward and 36 reverse speeds when used with a creeper gear and synchronized mechanical reverse shuttle. 


  125 Plat  135 Plat  145 Plat  165 Plat 
Max power (ISO) (hp)  117 133 141 157
Max torque (Nm)  515 590 625 691
Transmission type  Speed Six + mechanical reverse shuttle 18FWD + 18REV  Speed Six + mechanical reverse shuttle 18FWD + 18REV  Speed Six + mechanical reverse shuttle 18FWD + 18REV  Speed Six + mechanical reverse shuttle 18FWD + 18REV 
Lifting capacity with 2 assistor rams 90 mm (kg)  7000 7000 7000 7000
Tractor weight without ballast weights (kg)  6000 6000 6000 6250

See full specs on the Landini website. Please note: some models may not be available in New Zealand.open_in_new

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