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MDS Fertiliser Spreader

KUHN MDS Fertiliser Spreader

Fertilising specialised crops (vines, orchards, hops, vegetables) and grain crops requires mastery and extreme precision. MDS .2 mounted fertiliser spreaders provide a simple solution that is adapted to all of your operations. You have a multitude of possibilities in terms of size, capacity, outlet opening and closing and even regulation.

The single-cone hopper can be emptied completely, even when spreading on slopes. MDS W fertiliser spreaders are equipped with a weighing frame and feature application rate regulation, combined with the QUANTRON A terminal and external GPS, these functions can be managed automatically.

Features & Benefits

The four MDS 8.2 W, MDS 14.2 W, MDS 18.2 W and MDS 20.2 W models are equipped with a weighing frame. They feature all the assets of the MDS .2 range with the additional benefit of being able to regulate the application rate automatically, while being controlled by the QUANTRON A terminal.

  • MDS .2 fertiliser spreaders have a slowly rotating agitator, only 180 rpm! This creates a regular fertiliser flow without damaging the granules and without clogging the outlets. The agitator guarantees optimum spreading precision whatever size or density the product to spread is.
  • A reinforced oil-bath gearbox drives the spreading discs. The first gearbox oil change is only necessary after 10 years. The solid heart of the machine boasts unrivalled longevity and the capacity to withstand difficult working conditions. The bottom of the tank, the agitator shaft and the outlets are made of stainless steel for extreme durability.
  • MDS (Multi-Disc-System) spreading discs are designed for standard or late spreading in high crops. They are simple to use and guarantee high precision with granular and organic (pellets) fertilisers, cover crop seeds and anti-slug pellets. According to the type of fertiliser and the working width, the length and orientation of the vanes can be adjusted. They are quick to adjust using the spreading chart. The discs are quick to remove, no tools required, for easy emptying.


  MDS 8.2 MDS 14.2 MDS 18.2 MDS 20.2
Working width (m) 10-24 10-24 10-24 10-24
Basic / Maximum capacity (l) 500 / 800 800 / 1400 700 / 1800 900 / 2000
Filling height (cm) 92 104 93 101
Hopper width (m) 1.08 1.40 1.90 1.90
High flow rate (kg/min or kg/s) 250 or 4.16 250 or 4.16 250 or 4.16 250 or 4.16

See full specs on the KUHN website. Please note: some models may not be available in New Zealand.open_in_new

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