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More choice and better support with new Landini distribution deal

7 June 2024
New Products Landini Norwood

Landini New Zealand is marking the beginning of a new distribution deal with Norwood today.

The agreement will see a wider range of Landini tractors available in New Zealand through a larger retail network that includes Norwood Dealerships and a number of independent dealers to provide nationwide coverage for sales and aftersales support.

The breadth of the range now coming to New Zealand, and Landini’s innovative and customisable approach to manufacturing, ensures the needs of all farmers and growers, across all agricultural, contracting, and food growing sectors can be met by a Landini tractor.

“We are excited to be distributing tractors that have previously not been available in the New Zealand market,” says Andrew Dunlop, Product Lead – Argo Integration.  

“The extended range includes five high horsepower Series of tractors in 12 models, six specialty tractors with 20 models, and seven hard working utility tractors in 22 models.”

Efficient and powerful high horsepower tractors

Landini high horsepower tractors are modern, high spec machines for customers who demand a high level of efficiency and performance. All Landini high horsepower Series have full loader kit only option except for the Series 8, which has no front loader option as yet.

Series 6 RS Stage 5: A Cab only three model Series of tractor with horsepower ranging from 113hp to 136hp, and housing a 4-cylinder, 4.5l, Stage 5 FPT engine, and Robo Shift and Smart APS (Auto Power Shift) transmission.

Series 7 SWB Dynamic Stage 5: There are four models in this Series of tractor: two 4-cylinder models and two 6-cylinders models, with two transmission offerings: the Robo Six with Smart APS and the V-Shift CVT. Horsepower ranges from 165 to 175.

Series 7 RS Active/Dynamic T3: This Series has three models ranging from 151hp to 215hp, with a larger frame; a 6-cylinder, 6.7l, Tier 3 FPT engine; and EPM for a power boost when using the PTO for transport and hydraulic operations. The active transmission is 40kph only, the dynamic transmission is 40-50 kph, and both have Robo Six with Smart APS.

Series 7 VS Dynamic T3/Stage 5: This is the larger framed V-Shift or CVT transmission Series 7, available in two models, a Tier 3 and a Stage 5, both with 6-cylinder, 6.7l engines and ranging from 215hp to 230hp.

Series 8 VS Dynamic T2/Stage 5: The highest horsepower tractor, available in two models, Stage 5 at 250hp and Tier 2 at 292hp both with a 6-cylinder, 6.7l FPT engine with VS and a choice of 40kph or 50kph CVT transmission. No front loader option for this model, but front hitch and dynamic PTO is standard.

Specialty tractors for every type of grower

The Landini specialty tractor range is comprehensive, ticking boxes for orchardists and, horticulturalists, viticulturalists, and customers with market garden, hot garden or greenhouse operations.

Series 2GE: A low profile, ROPS only tractor in two models, 48hp to 55hp, perfect for working in greenhouses and shifting bins in orchards.

REX3: Compact for operations requiring a low and narrow tractor. The REX3 is available in two models, 68hp to 75hp, and two versions, F ROPS, standard and Low Profile cab; and GE Low Profile ROPS.

REX T3: Available in five models across the range from 75hp up to 110hp, the REX T3 comes in two versions: the F ROPS and Cab, and the GE Low Profile ROPS for under trellis kiwifruit operations.

REX4: The flagship in Landini’s speciality tractor range, the REX4 is a high-end, high-spec, customisable specialty tractor with five models ranging from 75hp up to 112hp. The 120 T3 112hp REX4 model received the 2024 Specialty Tractor of the Year Award at Agritechnica last year. Available in six different versions to suit all operations: a V Cab for narrow vineyard rows, an S Cab with a wider tractor base with a narrow cab up top, a standard F Series in ROPS and Cab, a GT ROPS and Cab for wider orchard and horticulture operations, GE Low Profile ROPS; and a GB Super Low ROPS for those operations under low trellises like vineyards. The GB Super Low is also available in a Low Profile Cab, which would suit cherry growing operations.

Super HC: A high clearance tractor available in four models from 80hp to 111hp in both Cab and ROPS.

Series 5 HC Stage 5: A Cab only high-spec high clearance tractor available in two models from 93hp to 103hp with customisable tyre options.

Utility tractors to do the hard work on livestock farms

The Landini utility tractor range is designed for general farm work. They’re the perfect work horse for New Zealand livestock farms.

Series 2: A standard version of the Specialty GE, still compact and available in the same two models (48hp to 55hp), with ROPS and Cab and full kit loader option.

Series 4 Stage 5: A new release, fully featured small tractor, available in three models, from 61hp to 75hp, in both ROPS and Cab configurations. Available factory loader ready or with full kit option.

Super: A robust farm tractor in four models from 82hp to 111hp, available in ROPS, Cab and High Clearance versions and a full loader option.

Powerfarm II: A higher spec Cab only tractor in three models from 93hp to 110hp, loader ready with a full kit and an upgraded three step transmission with Power Shuttle.

Series 5 Stage 5: Another high-spec tractor in four models, 75hp to 112hp, available in both ROPS and Cab versions with a full kit loader option. Comes with either Active or Dynamic transmission and is suitable to owner-operators.

 Landforce: A tractor that will meet the needs of New Zealand’s livestock farmers, available in two models from 112hp to 120hp in both ROPS and Cab version with full loader options.

Landpower II: Available in four models from 117hp to 157hp in ROPS and Cab versions with a full loader kit.

Selected models on display at Fieldays®

Landini flagship tractors, the Series 8 and REX4, will be on display at Fieldays® this year, along with the Powerfarm and Landforce utility tractors, and the Series 6 RS Stage 5.

The Series 6 will be the first unit to showcase the SmartPilot joystick, which not only controls all the main tractor functions, but also acts as the integrated loader joystick. It’s one of many innovative features designed with operator comfort in mind.

“Visitors will be able to see the innovation and high specification of these tractors for themselves and ask Landini New Zealand and Australasia product specialists any questions they may have,” says Andrew.

The Landini Fieldays® site is located on the corner of K and H street (K1-K3 and H43).

There are a limited number of tractors available for purchase now. More shipments are enroute and expected in dealerships for Spring 2024.

The full range is available to order now with deliveries commencing Spring 2024.

See the full Landini range here.