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Väderstad introduces prescription map tillage and E-Services for TopDown and Opus

23 April 2024
Väderstad Product Development

Väderstad’s new generation TopDown and Opus cultivators get an updated design in addition to E-Control Services and the ability to apply prescription map tillage via ISOBUS Task Control.

From model year 2024, the combination cultivator TopDown 400-700 and heavy tine cultivator Opus 400-700 can be equipped with gateway, sensors, and updated electronics, allowing full control of the machine via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control. The machine can also be operated via the tractor ISOBUS terminal.

“E-Services on TopDown and Opus will allow operators to optimise their tillage operations. Adjustments can be made in the field to adjust machine settings to the conditions where they are working,” says Greg Moore, Norwood’s Imported Brands Manager.

With E-Services, prescription maps can be created to control the machine settings automatically and on the go. Before going to the field, the farmer can program how the individual working elements - discs, tines, levellers, and packer - should behave at specific spots based on soil type or field characteristics. In the tractor, the prescription map is inserted into the ISOBUS terminal, which then connects to the Väderstad E-Control system to take control of the machine.

Using the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control, the operator will also be able to gain full control of the machine directly from the tractor cab. With the touch of a button, the driver can set the individual working depths or intensity of the discs, tines, levellers, or packer while the machine is working.

The control system is designed to support the driver, while also increasing the user experience. To assist the field work, four pre-set buttons can be used to store different machine configurations, such as using pre-set 1 for standard field work, pre-set 2 for tramlines, pre-set 3 for tough areas. When one working zone is changed, the others will compensate automatically to keep their individual selected depth.

“Field work can be hectic and sometimes the unexpected happens. The TopDown and Opus can be switched to a manual setting and traditional control. If the tractor needs changing, it’s easy and straightforward even with the advanced technology,” says Greg.

The benefits of E-Services on the Top Down and Opus include diesel savings, improved soil health, reduced machine wear, and the possibility of increased working speeds.

Väderstad TopDown 400-700 and Opus 400-700 can now be ordered with E-Services as an option with production starting early 2024.