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The single-wheel semi-mounted VARI-LEADER ploughs have been developed to enhance your traction power and increase your work output. You save precious time making U-turns in headlands thanks to the outstanding manoeuvrability of the VARI-LEADER range.

Simple, easy-to-access and tool-free settings allow you to achieve perfect ploughing whatever the working conditions.

The VARI-LEADER models are available from 6 to 8 bodies for tractors from 135 to 360 hp. The VARI-LEADER range perfectly meets the requirements of farms and contractors alike. 

Features & Benefits

The models of the VARI-LEADER range have been designed to make your work easier:

  • The turning radius of 110° allows the reduced size headlands to be created.
  • A significant distance between the stem and the first point allows you to work without risk of tractor damage even in the shortest U-turns. This means less fatigue and more serenity at work.
  • The number of distributors to operate during U-turns is reduced thanks to a hydraulic sequence fitted as standard throughout the range.
  • Optimal comfort thanks to a gradual U turn. U-turns are done smoothly by two single-acting telescopic cylinders. Pressure on the lift arms of the tractor is reduced.
  • The design and dimensions of the VARI-LEADER range meets the most severe intensities. 
    Designed for tractors from 135 to 360 hp, this model has a beam of 180 x 180 mm 
    which gives it a great robustness.
  • The variable width linkage is fully integrated into the beam, where it is protected from external interference. The VARI-LEADER is the only single-wheeled plough on the market with the linkage integrated into the "Z" of the beam (patented KUHN system)! 


Composition of bodies (front + rear)  1+4+1  1+1+4+1 1+1+1+4+1
Minimum allowable power (hp)  135 158 180
Working width (cm)  35-55 35-55 35-55
Point to point clearance (cm)  102 102 102
Approx. weight (kg) for NSH version  3850 4265 4660

See full specs on the KUHN website. Please note: some models may not be available in New Zealand.open_in_new

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